All About You

You may think control is a counterintuitive word in business. But when we say control, we don't mean  controlling  - quite the opposite actually. Because, when you have  true control over your business's data, there are no more shadows. No more question marks. You know the ones; they keep you up at night because there are no easy ways to dig out the answers you're looking for.  "What's the figures on last financial year's inventory?" or "What's the profit margin on our part-time staff?" That's what we do. We illuminate the shadows of your business so that you have total control, without holding the reigns so tight.

The process to get to this point is important. First, we list. We learn your business in order to create a software solution that actually works, for you. There's no one-size-fits-all product that can take you to where you want to go. Your data needs are as unique as your company and the people within it. Once we implement the right software, we train you and your team to use it efficiently and effectively. From there it becomes a bit of a moving beast - because, as your business evolves, your data needs change too. You may require an onboarding process for a collection of new staff, perhaps your board want to see historic profit and loss data, or you add a new service sector to your business that now needs a production schedule and inventory map.

Your business doesn't stay still for long. So, you need a data partner who can move when you do; because, there's nothing  more toxic to a business than a growing shadow of a doubt.

Call us the light seekers (or something a little less sci-fi).