Ostendo Solutions Provider

We are an authorised Ostendo solutions provider who not only implements and supports this system, we also offer the following services:

Ostendo Remediation  Let us sort out your badly or incorrectly configured Ostendo Solution, including all of the financial aspects.

Ostendo Bookkeeping & Admin  We can provide bookkeeping & admin services from Ostendo operation bookkeeping, end of month financial and CO services right through to regular health checks to keep everything accurate and on track.

Ostendo Customisation  We have many years of experience in customising the standard Ostendo system either via the software or via SQL to create a custom-tailored solution that meets your specific business requirements. Some example are web solutions, cloud service applications where we streamline the systems you use and create a single point of data entry and control over process and procedure. 

Ostendo Integration  We can and have integrated Ostendo to other 3rd party business software to deliver seamless business systems solutions for our clients.

Integrations Include:

  • eCommerce solutions such as WooCom and Shopify

  • Integrations with 3rd party software such as V6, Solidworks, SMS solutions and mail software such as Mail Chimp

  • Integration with Reporting tools such as MS Excel and Power BI (below).

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Ostendo Freeway (Mobility)

Freeway is Ostendo's mobility platform that allows for many of the functions of Ostendo to be performed via phones or tablets.

Whether there is a requirements for onsite field service, warehouse functions or sales functions from a mobile device, Freeway can provide this interface and sync data directly back to Ostendo.

Ostendo Freeway's application is almost limitless. It is a tool that not only enables you to capture transactional data for jobs, orders, etc but also additional data that be stored in Ostendo such as data capture sheets or checklists.

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