What We Actually Do

Put simply, UCO helps you make better business decisions.
We do this by giving you visibility and control.
We achieve this by helping you improve your business admin & systems.
Either in advisory capacity or through the implementation of software solutions.
Either way, we will help you effect positive change.


Understanding & Analysis

Understand the state of play, the moving parts of your business admin & systems and what's required, the gaps and how to fix them.


Helping working out how to get from here to there.

Systems Interpretation & Innovation

Understanding what you need and designing appropriate solutions

Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Understanding the risks and ensuring we manage them

Project & Change Management

Managing the change, it's a major issue

Product Selection & Vendor Management

Working through the sales pitch and ensuring you have the right tools for the job and keeping the vendors and suppliers accountable


Systems Remediation & Optimisation

Ensuring you get the best out of your system and that it's giving you what you want

Software Implementation

Software builds and roll out including consulting and training for best of breed products we know and trust

Integration & Development

Developing bespoke solutions and making your software talk

Information Delivery & Interpretation 

Some people use words like CIO and CFO, we like to keep things plain and simple. We can own the information supply chain as well as it's delivery, including helping you keep your systems running and produce and interpret the information


Ensuring you have complete visibility over your business


Gaining efficiency through the application of mobile technology and solutions


Mentoring & Training

Upskilling your team

Software Support

Providing the ongoing support and assistance you need, when you need it and helping you evolve

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Taking care of the day to day nuts and bolts

Real World Solutions